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Best Gift Ideas for The Grandkids this Christmas

1 Dec, '17

In What's life without Freedom!


Hoping to make your grandkids day this Christmas? We have a few Christmas gift ideas that we think will tick their list this year. We have put together a simple list, which is ordered by age and features different price ranges to suit all budgets.


Ages 0-2


Baby Shoes $3-$15

They're always losing at least one shoe.  Kmart have a range of affordable baby shoes. And if you really want to spoil them, Rebel offers snazzy and affordable Chuck Taylors.


Teething Toys $5-$40

At this age, their teeth are just starting to come in.  This gift will make both the baby and the parents happy.  You can find a range of teething toys on Eatteethsleep.com.au.


Learning Walker $30-$40

Around this age babies do not need more toys, they need support to help them develop.  A walker gives them endless joy and assists them in taking their first few steps in the world.  You can find learning walkers at Kmart.  



Ages 2-4


Kinetic Sand $10-$20

Mimicking the three-dimensional properties of wet sand, this toy is perfect for indoor play and sculpting. It's also easy to clean up for the parents.  You can find kinetic sand at Target.


Doctor's Set $20-$30

Let their imaginations run wild with this interactive, compact and popular doctor's set, which can be found at Toys R Us.


Micro Scooters $130

While there are scooters for toddlers starting at $18 from Big W, the Micro Scooters from Kidstuff have received such amazing feedback for quality and popularity that it is our top choice.  



Ages 5-7


Wooden Dollhouse $100-$200

A childhood classic, the wooden dollhouse is an iconic toy for every family home. Find this on Mywoodentoys.com.


Lego Creative Bricks $23

Another popular classic, Lego assists in developing kids' fine motor skills, imagination, organisational skills and their ability to work with instructions.  Available at Target.


Wahu Wave Tube $25-$30

An exciting gift for any kid to open on a hot summer Christmas morning, the Wahu Wave Tube at Toys R Us is great for making a splash in the pool or at the beach.



Ages 8 & Over


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera $100-$200

In the age of digital photography kids rarely have printed photos.  This gift immediately provides them with a printed and timeless keepsake.  This present is appropriate for older children and will hopefully steal them away from their mobile phone screens. You can get this gift at Toys R Us.


Wahu Phlat Ball $15-$25

The Phlat Ball is an exciting, compact and versatile toy that is both a ball and a Frisbee.  It can be played on land or in the water. This can be found at the Australian Geographic Store.


Light Up Ball $8-$24

For the sports fanatic who will play for hours with his or her friends, these light up sports balls will provide endless entertainment.  Rebel offer light up soccer balls, rugby balls and cricket balls.



We hope that these suggestions give you plenty of Christmas gift inspiration for your grandchildren this year.  We at Freedom Aged Care wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!