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Springtime Gardening At freedom

6 Nov, '17

In Community News, What's life without Freedom!


It’s Springtime and the garden at our Freedom community at Coffs Harbour is undergoing a wonderful transformation. Meet John, the man behind it.




John is our respected gardener at Freedom Aged Care Coffs Harbour, part of our Freedom team since January 2017.  John has a special passion and talent for gardening and has been keeping the grounds in great shape.




Before joining Freedom, John worked in National Parks for thirteen years, practicing horticulture and bush regeneration; often finding himself building fences to protect threatened species. John has been gardening his entire life; he grew up on a farm where he would “grow anything and everything”.




John says his favourite part of his job is choosing and building the features of his garden, "you have to enjoy it, you have to be passionate about it".  He also says that in his opinion nature is the perfect way to make people feel at ease and he loves to have gardens that attract birds, which add to the overall beauty.  He considers himself to be an unconventional gardener, and uses intuition and gut feeling to choose the features and plants for his residents' gardens based on their personalities.




"The best garden is the one that is never finished. Do not think in your mind that once you plant something it is finished, you continuously need to renew it. If you see the end, then you really are not gardening, it is a process, there is always something to do, to add and to improve."






Residents, Alan and Helmut, like to spend their days in the garden with John, helping to keep the bird baths full and watering the pots. Working together they have become good mates as they keep the gardens in great shape and turn heads.  As John says, "If they stop to look at the garden then I have done my job."






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